A new addition to my music addiction

Today I purchased my very first record player! I am bubbling over with sheer excitement! It’s coming in less than a week. I am going to possibly get a record (or two) on my lunch break today as well, followed by an awesome meal at Takk for Maten. If you haven’t eaten here yet, you should, because it is fantastic! Check out my Numark PT01 below.

Cardboard Record Player

I’ve recently been wanting to get my hands on a record player. Okay, I have only two records in my possession … but I want more. And, I want a record player to play them on. I came across this neat direct mail promo piece for GGRP, a sound design agency. The brains behind this piece is GREY Group of Canada. The packaging itself acts as the record player, needle included! Rumor has it, the sound quality is actually pretty good. Watch the video below to see how it works.