Summer Freshness

I loved the feelings I got when I looked through these images. I’m completely in love with all the softness and the first cookie splash photo. The song I was listening to at the moment probably helped the feelings too. Check ’em out. You can see more here.

Trent Mitchell

I am love, love, lovin the photography of Trent Mitchell. I definitely have a soft spot in my heart for cool surfing photography and his stuff is amazing! I also found one of some synchronized swimmers underwater, which is totally cool, because I used to be one myself. Enjoy!

Amy Stevens Confections Photography

When photographer Amy Stevens turned 30, she bought herself a cake decorating kit, with visions of making the perfect cake. She quickly realized that her cakes would never look like Martha Stewart’s. Amy ended up going in the opposite direction, and made them “as grotesque and amazing as possible.” These cakes are meant to be photographed and not eaten. Regardless, I would love to sink my teeth into that frosting! I love how the background and the cake blend into each other. So much crazy fun!