Chilly Morning

It was a little brisk walking to work this morning. Not cold enough yet to frost the eyelashes, but cold enough to really wake me up. I like the lake starting this time of year, the steaminess is out of this world! It gets better the colder it gets. Oh, and that’s the Drechtborg at anchor waiting to load grain, just in case you were wondering.

Walker Art Center

Graphic Design: Now in Production is opening tomorrow at the Walker Art Center. This is one exhibit I don’t plan on missing. This is the first major graphic design exhibit in 15 years. I’m heading to the cities next weekend with my mom, maybe I can convince her to come with me while I nerd out about design. I once dragged her to the American Swedish Institute in Minneapolis and she loved it, we had some of the best cardamom bread there (we missed the Swedish Pancake feed by 10 minutes-bummer). I also had her come with me to Kiasma, the Helsinki Museum of Contemporary Art, she liked that too, even though it was a little far out. Don’t miss this exhibit!

photo via Quipsologies

From My Window

The Kwintebank at anchor waiting to load bentonite, a clay-like substance used as a binding agent in taconite pellet production, but also found in other things like cement, ceramic bodies and cat litter. And there’s your nerdy shipping news and facts for the day!