I want to ride my bicycle!

We’ve recently been caught in a little heat wave here in northern Minnesota and it’s totally getting me excited to ride my bike! Don’t get me wrong, I’m probably one of the largest snow lovers out there, but this sunny weather has me completely jazzed. Here are some fun vintage bicycling posters to get you excited, plus some must have Etsy bike buys. But, first, a little music to set the mood.

Time for bicycling must-haves:

Animals on bikes? Yes, please! Super cool shirts by dark cycle clothing.

Don’t forget your funky fabric pins by Laura Bucci for your coat or messenger bag or whatever you wanna stick it to.

Awesome letterpressed bicycling print by 1canoe2. Let’s go ride bikes!

And, last, but not least. These hilarious mittens for this inbetween bike season weather when you still have to cover your digits. These also come in “handy” when you get a bit of the road rage and you can’t flip the bird inside a mitten. Can’t wait to get a pair from glowbeet.