Henri Matisse

On Tuesday, the creative department of HTK, where I work as an art director, visited the Minneapolis Institute of Arts to check out the Matisse exhibit. I feel so lucky to work at an agency that encourages and dedicates time for us to feel inspired and re-energized purely by going to an art museum. I can say for certain that we were all on cloud nine during and after viewing the work of Matisse as well as the hundreds of other pieces of work in there. It’s truly amazing to see such historical works of art right in front of your nose.

One of my favorite pieces of the Matisse exhibit was the Jazz book. I don’t know why I had never seen or heard of it before. Matisse was in his 70s when he created this book using cut paper and gouche to assemble the pages. On one side of a spread would be an image and on the other were his thoughts about the images he was creating. There is something really special about seeing Matisse’s thoughts so fluidly drawn out on these pages.


Happy are those who sing with all their heart, from the bottoms of their hearts. To find joy in the sky, the trees, the flowers. There are always flowers for those who want to see them.

My other favorite pieces of his work were his line drawings of figures. If you think drawing a person with a few simple lines like this looks easy, give it a try. It’s much more difficult than you think. His marks are so fluid and purposeful, but with a hint of swiftness to them. Simply beautiful work. If you’re in the MSP area, make sure to check out this exhibit!