Welcome back, runner’s high!

I’ve lived in Duluth, in the same apartment now, for a little over six years and I finally did the sweetest run from my place. I always drive to a trailhead to get a run in, but not yesterday. I think I’m going to have to make this a weekly run, because it’s amazing! I started down near the lake at my place and ran up to Burrito Union where you can access Chester Park. From there, it’s all trails—soft, beautiful, woodsy trails! I continued to run up to Chester Bowl, across the soccer fields, did a loop on the ski trails and came back down. I saw only a handful of people and most of them were on the soccer field. I had the place to myself it seemed, the weather was primo and the smell of the woods were over the top spectacular! I took my time and let it all soak in. I had no music stuck in my head, no worries about looming deadlines, nothing, nada, zip. There’s nothing better than a run when you’re completely present. The run back down was sublime, making the climb in the beginning that much more worth it. Welcome back, runner’s high!

I’ve always known, but it really dawned on me after the run that one can access vast amounts of trails on the east end once you get into Chester: Hartley, SHT, Amity, Lester…Let the fun continue!

The Chester Run specs: 6ish miles round trip, 53 minutes. Starting elevation: 680′  Peak elevation: 1250′

I woke up with this song in my head.