The Great Bike Project of 2012

As part of my “Things I’d Like to Learn” in 2012, bicycle maintenance and restoration has finally come to fruition. I picked up this Canadian, copper beauty a few years back and it’s been collecting dust like a champ in my basement since then. I think I have a problem, because there are other bikes currently doing the same in my possession. I treat bikes like stray cats—I want to take them all in! This vintage CCM Grand Sports 5 Speed is in need of a few repairs and I’d like to restore the finish to it’s original luster at some point. But, first and foremost, I want it back in riding condition. So far, I’ve fixed one brake cable and did some light surface cleaning. The learning curve is kind of big on this, as I have little prior knowledge on the inner workings of bicycles. All I know is that I LOVE to ride them! I also have a jewel blue Ross bicycle with back pedal brakes that is just dying to be ridden! There’s nothing quite like a ride on a vintage cruiser to make you feel like a kid again.

I found the above image in a Google search today. This is what the bike should look like. What a beaut!