An old friend

This weekend found me in Hartley a couple of times. I hadn’t been there maybe since before the new year or even earlier. It was like visiting an old friend. I have various landmarks that I always say hello to as I pass by and I seem to go on auto-pilot when I’m in there. The trails were in good winter running condition. There was just enough snow to cover the rocks and roots and it wasn’t icy at all. I don’t know what it is, but I absolutely love running the single-track guardrails loop in Hartley. The roll of the terrain is so fun back there. I feel like I’m on a roller-coaster and in the essence of time it makes for a quick get-away. The temps this weekend were incredible too, and strange, for early February. But I’ll take a good dose of sunshine any day of the week. I started off running with gloves and a headband thingy only to remove them a few minutes later. It felt and smelled like spring out there. I’m also working on getting that bothersome piriformis muscle to loosen up with a series of stretches and exercises. It’s been really agitated since Coldwater and I can feel it on every run and after every run, even while sitting at work. Suffice it to say, a tennis ball and I have become very close pals this past week. Looking forward to more easy running this week and maybe a swim or two to help the glute heal.

For your Monday listening pleasure, a good one by Blind Pilot.

Hartley Revisited

Last week I attempted to run Hartley, but it was just way too rainy and cold for me. I know, I kind of punked out. I made it 35 minutes though! Anyway, last Friday I decided to try my luck again and this time Hartley was more forgiving than the previous week. There was still tons of mud (FUN!) and once I got out of the low parts and onto the single-track guardrails loop, it was a free for all. I just remembered my other favorite thing about Hartley—Spring Peepers! They were fantastic on Friday. Music to my ears. I was feeling pretty decent for most of the run and had the place to myself.  There is a certain tree that I pass every time out there and when I do, I like to give it a little pat and then check my watch. Despite all of the mud and me trudging up one big hill, I was 5 minutes ahead of schedule (at only 3 or so miles into the run)! I don’t know what that’s supposed to mean, but I was happy as a clam and finished the rest of the run feeling good. It looks like the rest of the week is predicted to be rainy, but sort of warmish, which will make for some more muddy running—my favorite!