Oh fer cute!

I think I may need to get my hands on some items made by DIVINEsweetness! What is it about teeny tiny food things that I find irresistible? I have no idea, but these are so fun! I especially like the fruit slice earrings (oranges in particular) and the buttered toast ones are amazingly cute!

Tiny Fruit Stickers

I’m notorious for placing my fruit stickers on anything within a one foot radius of me while eating fruit. At work, this is usually the cover of my sketch pad. At home, sometimes the remote, sometimes the peanut butter lid, sometimes the cat’s tail (she hates it). This morning I got to thinking of all the different fruit stickers that must exist out there. Take a closer look next time you chow down on some fruit … what you see may amaze you!

This is my favorite sticker in my small collection. It’s an avocado sticker, not a fruit one, but I like it.

This is a collection I found on Flickr.