The Marriage Proposal, part deux

The suspense is over my friends! Looks like I won’t be getting hitched any time soon. But, I do appreciate Frank’s honesty … an admirable quality. His response: My secret goal is to marry well and spend the rest of my life tanning. It seems your MN location is incongruent. Sorry!

Here are some quick facts about Duluth, MN that will hopefully debunk the frozen tundra rumors that are swirling out there.

• The world’s largest freshwater sandbar, a lengthy 10 miles, can be seen from my office window. It’s the perfect beach spot for getting that toasty, summer tan (at least three months of the year, the other eight to nine I cannot attest to). It’s also the best spot to experience a 10 to 1 child to parent ratio and getting attacked by seagulls. I’m not helping the situation much, am I? Moving on …

• Duluth boasts more than 11,000 acres of open and wooded space … that’s all within the city limits.  That’s a lot of room to roam, that’s also the most of any other city. Good thing we have miles upon miles of trails to explore. Don’t even get me started on what else there is to find beyond the city limits.

• On average, summer temps in Duluth range from the 70s to the 80s, sometimes even climbing into the 90s. But, if you live close to the lake, like I do, it can be 50 degrees here … while on top of the hill, it can be 70 or 80 degrees. Ahhh, the natural air conditioning of Lake Superior, which just happens to be the world’s largest freshwater lake.

• We have the most incredible sunrises in Duluth, anytime of the year. The winter sunrises are especially amazing. When the water in the lake is warmer than the air, it looks like a gigantic witches cauldron. Awesome.

This all probably still sounds like it’s cold here, which it is, but not all the time. People are actually taken by surprise when they visit Duluth. It’s a pretty “cool” town. You should come visit.

Fannie Rose Candy Shop

Attention Duluthians! A new candy shop by the name of Fannie Rose is opening in Duluth. I was driving downtown Duluth this afternoon and saw a shiny new window where there once had been scaffolding the past couple of months! Doesn’t it look pretty?

Here’s where it’s at:

I wonder what kind of goodies they will have for sale? I also wonder when it opens? I’ll keep you posted when I find out the deets.