loving this!

I’m a big fan of unique wedding invites. Having done a handful of custom wedding designs myself, I admire and appreciate a thoughtful concept. This invite, by Rudi de Wet, totally caught my eye today. I love the handmade typography and illustrations. Super cool.

Adam Turman

“I made a sweet pirate ship out of a refrigerator box when I was 4, Ghostbuster costume with working backpack for candy when I was 10, and my first T-shirt design that was “produced” when I was 14 for a 9th grade party, that was sweet. The T-shirt thing was a turning point.”
Adam Turman, Minneapolis-based illustrator, designer and screenprinter

Adam has a show this month at Frame Ups. Here’s an article about it if you want to read more!

Design a Sock Contest

Sock it to Me is a Portland, OR based business that designs really cool and bright colored socks. I’ve really gotten into socks the last couple of years. In fact, I have on a pair of bright red, knee-highs with white diamond outlines as I type! Anywho, Sock it to Me is hosting a sock design contest. Entries are due by the end of this month (the 26th to be exact) and you can submit up to 5 designs. What will I win, you ask? How does $500 and getting your design produced on a pair of socks sound?! Awesome, I know. You can read more (rules and regulations) and download the template on their blog.

Good Luck sock designers! What will you use your winnings for? More socks?