Uppercase Magazine!

The current issue of Uppercase entered the building today … and I AM PUMPED! This is my favorite creative magazine ever. Seriously. It is so incredible, I’m having a hard time finding just the right words to describe how much I love it. Anyway, I came across an article in Uppercase that is very timely with the start of this blog! They have an entire section dedicated to confections! Here’s an excerpt from an article I read. It’s called Sugar Coated, Colorful and Calorific Clothing by Becky Van Bussel.

Let’s explore: It probably goes without saying that the trend-setting members of the two-to-ten-year-old-crowd are highly partial to brilliantly coloured clothing. This same gang also seems to have an insatiable desire for candy … There mush be some sort of connection. Perhaps it is this: people dress to reflect their values. If this is so, it illuminates why older crowds rarely sport bright hues. Many adults care not for the superfluous calories and dental woes associated with candy. As a result, the fun and colour that sweets stand for are often tucked away into the corners of their minds. They instead value the safe, the ordinary and, well, the boring. Therefore, grown persons frequently drape themselves in blacks, navies, taupes, tans and charcoals.

I like candy.