My palette is jumping for joy!

Look what I found at Fannie Rose Candy Shop! Aren’t they pretty and sugary?

I also got some banana heads, a few pixie stix and a sampling of their (made right there in the store) cheesy popcorn … which, I gotta say, was outta this world awesome! Next time I have a hankering for some corn, I’m heading here for sure. BTW, the place smells a little like heaven. Here’s some more pics from the lunch break trip:

Look at this gigantic jawbreaker! It weighed in at a hefty 1.3 pounds. It’s literally like the size of a grapefruit!

I also bought this read-along record today (not at the candy store) and wanted to share it with you. Who doesn’t love Gremlins? My record player arrives tomorrow!

The Quest for Puckerooms

This weekend I am on a mission to find these:

I visted the Wonka website this evening, it’s like the mecca of candy! You gotta check it out. It has this incredible theme music and all these candy logos flow out of a crazy tree-like formation. You’ve got pixie stix, gobstoppers, nerds, sweet tarts, laffy taffy and fun dips coming out of branches. It’s so magical.

Fannie Rose Candy Shop

Attention Duluthians! A new candy shop by the name of Fannie Rose is opening in Duluth. I was driving downtown Duluth this afternoon and saw a shiny new window where there once had been scaffolding the past couple of months! Doesn’t it look pretty?

Here’s where it’s at:

I wonder what kind of goodies they will have for sale? I also wonder when it opens? I’ll keep you posted when I find out the deets.