Against The Grain

Stop motion animation is always a favorite of mine to watch, it’s complete eye candy. This new video by Hudson for their song Against The Grain is fun to watch and I’m really liking the song too, you can get a free download of it here. In other news, night one of the Banff Mtn. Film Fest was last night and it was great, as always. There’s definitely an undertone of water conservation/over consumption in a few of the films. And there were the usual funny films to balance out those heavier feeling films. Night two takes place tonight and I’m sure I’ll do a little run down in the next few days of how the films played out, post some favorite clips and talk about which ones I responded to the most. Cheers!

Banff Update: Day Two

Day two of the Banff Mtn Film was amazing! I thought that the films the second night were a bit better than the first, just personal preference I suppose. It really depends on what you are into. We saw a portion of a mtn biking film called Life Cycles that was out of this world! I loved all of the shots in this film. There was one section in particular that completely mesmerized me. There were riders doing jumps in some wheat fields, they would all of the sudden appear from out of nowhere and then disappear back into the field. It was so cool! See the pic below and then check out the trailer.


Banff Update

Last night was day one of two of the Banff Mtn Film Festival. Nine films were played and they were all pretty sweet! I love the variety of films that are shown. We saw films about mtn biking, cave exploration, mountaineering and building schools in the middle east, just to name a few. Here’s a teaser of one of my favorites from last night called Eastern Rises by Felt Soul Media. (Felt Soul Media did another film a couple years ago called Red Gold, which was amazing.) Eastern Rises is about fly-fishing for trout in an extremely remote Russian peninsula. They compare the area to what Alaska was like 200 years ago. Talk about wild.

Banff Mountain Film Festival

The Banff Mountain Film Festival is making its way to Minnesota this week! So, if you’re in the Duluth area this weekend (Sunday and Monday evening), come check it out! It’s the one event I look forward to most every year! It gets me so excited and inspired for my next adventure. Plus, there will be a raffle with great prizes, of which the proceeds go to youth cross-country ski programs. And, there will be Fitger’s beer, you can’t beat that.