Eat a Chiquita!

I’m sure you’ve all seen the new campaign for Chiquita Banana at your local grocery store. If you haven’t, you’ll notice it now. I don’t typically eat bananas, but I love the new look. The stickers are so fun and imaginative. The web site is even more fun! You can create your own sticker and have a Banana Boogie Battle with a bad, mushy banana! As a designer, I’m always interested in the process of other designers. Here’s an inside look into how the campaign took shape and an interview with the designer, DJ Neff.

The Quest for Puckerooms

This weekend I am on a mission to find these:

I visted the Wonka website this evening, it’s like the mecca of candy! You gotta check it out. It has this incredible theme music and all these candy logos flow out of a crazy tree-like formation. You’ve got pixie stix, gobstoppers, nerds, sweet tarts, laffy taffy and fun dips coming out of branches. It’s so magical.