Hump Day!

‘Tis Wednesday my friends and the work week is half over! Here is some lovely art by artist Lisa Congdon, whose work I completely adore. She’s currently working on a project called 365 Days of Hand Lettering that you can follow on her blog. The framed piece with the colored paper and vintage doily is rocking my world! All images below are courtesy Lisa Congdon.


Wood Type

This past weekend I purchased a brayer (roller) and some inks in an attempt to upgrade my wood type printing methods. It worked! I don’t have images to upload at this point, but hopefully soon! However, I’m still using my homemade get-up of cardboard, tape and my own two hands as my “press”. There is definitely a sense of satisfaction of using your own methods like this to create art. I’ve been researching some table top printing presses, it would be awesome to have one of those someday. A girl can dream, right? And, I’ve been looking for more wood type to add to my collection, that stuff gets pricey! Anyway, there is also a field trip in my near future to a letterpress studio in town and I am psyched! Stay tuned for that goodness 🙂