Just What I Need

image via designboom.com

image via designboom.com

I haven’t posted much in the realm of candy in quite some time. It’s due time. This little, handy-dandy machine sorts Skittles, m&m’s and Reese’s Pieces via CCD sensor. Don’t know what that is either, but you can read about it here. It has something to do with digital imaging, light, pixels, etc. How cool is that?! I wish it was just a tad faster though. I can sort Skittles with the speed of a mongoose. I can also eat them that quickly, too. Good enough for the lazy in us though when we don’t feel like sorting our candies. Watch it in action below:

GoPro Cameras

I’ve been thinking about getting a head cam for about a year or so. My brother and I always talk about getting one, especially when the snow starts to fly. How fun would it be to film some cross-country skiing? I bet you’re guessing maybe not that much fun, because cross-country skiing can be fairly tame. My brother and I like to push it a bit though (i.e. we take big diggers often), so I think it could be really, really fun! This camera is high def, waterproof and comes with a couple of different mounts. Considering the other types of activities I like to do, it would come in handy for those as well. Here’s a sample video that GoPro has on their site.

Cardboard Record Player

I’ve recently been wanting to get my hands on a record player. Okay, I have only two records in my possession … but I want more. And, I want a record player to play them on. I came across this neat direct mail promo piece for GGRP, a sound design agency. The brains behind this piece is GREY Group of Canada. The packaging itself acts as the record player, needle included! Rumor has it, the sound quality is actually pretty good. Watch the video below to see how it works.