Sky Islands of Yosemite

The “Sky Islands” of Yosemite are these flat plateaus that were carved around by glaciers many, many years ago. The tops of these plateaus were never touched by the glaciers and as a result, hundreds of flower species that don’t exist anywhere else thrive at the top. The botanists in this video say that most of the flowers measure their lives in decades, while some of the larger species measure their lives in centuries. Check out this video if you have a spare moment, it’s incredible!

Air Plants!

So, last year I tried my hand at succulents. This year, I’m heading into the wonderful world of air plants! After talking with my friend Kate about them, I did some research and found some great looking air plants on Etsy. These little babies only need watering maybe once a week … which works wonderfully for me, as I do not have a green thumb. I’m surprised my succulents have lasted this long (granted I lost a few this winter). Check these things out!