Art and Science

Here’s a short film about a book that’s being released next week entitled “The Oldest Living Things In the World.” The book contains photographs and essays on continuously living organisms that are 2,000 years old or older. It’s part art, part science and has a touch of environmentalism to it. My copy is coming in the mail on the 23rd. Boom!


If you have a few minutes, check out this great short film about photographer Jordan Manley. He suffered a brain injury after crashing on his bike. His recovery was a struggle to say the least and was only able to take one short walk a day. Even thinking proved difficult, as it triggered symptoms. On his daily walks, he would take one photo a day and it ended up becoming a way to communicate his traumatic concussion. His images are beautiful and haunting at the same time. This is a beautiful piece that speaks to overcoming trauma and recovering one’s sense of creativity.

Not Lost, Just Exploring

“You get lost out of a desire to be lost.
But in the place called lost, strange things are found.”
– Rebecca Solnit

I’ve always been a fan of getting lost and the adventure that sparks when that happens. Some of my most memorable and fun moments have been when I’ve gotten off course and out of my comfort zone. I found the quote above this morning on a blog called Not Lost, Just Exploring. It’s run by two women from Oregon and it is so awesome. Some of the areas they have traveled to are spots on my list of places to experience (notably Patagonia). Following their blog and Instagram feed leaves me feeling inspired for my next adventure, wherever that may be.

Big Weather

I have a fascination with weather. I love big storms—rain, thunder, snow, you name it, I love it. I love hunkering down and watching it unfold before my eyes. I also love it, because a big storm reminds me of how small we really are in this world. The force of mother nature is something to drop jaw about. Here are some clouds that are forming right outside my office window. Lake Superior can really stir up a nice mix.

That tiny white speck in the bottom center is a sky rat (seagull).


Here’s a few snippets of recent daily life this summer. The agate picking has been awesome this summer. I find that I’m gathering a good handful each week. I’ve got a bad case of agate fever. I can’t even make it through a run without stopping to pick up at least one beautifully banded mineral. Speaking of running, that has taken a back seat the entire month of July. But, I’m hopefully coming out of this so-called funk and into some more consistent running. I’ve had a couple of really good days of running and the rest are too bad and too plentiful to even write about! I’m trying to stay positive, move forward and just grunt it out through the bad runs. I’ve been working out some kinks in my left hip/glute with some success, but it needs more attention and I’ve been babying it. It hurts the most while sitting at work and running uphill. Last week was my first week back into consistency; it’s a step in the right direction. I’ll take it!

4.5 …

The countdown begins today for Saturday’s 50k race up at Lutsen. I feel myself getting ancy and jittery when I stop to think about it. My energy levels are surging as I haven’t run much lately and I hope that I’m prepared well enough for Saturday. This is a common doubt that I come across before each race, but I know I’ve put my time and distance in. I’ve done more long runs than usual this time around, but my running schedule has overall seemed more relaxed and laid back. I don’t think my highest total weekly distances racked up to more than 45 miles per week. Which is okay with me, as I feel like I’ve been doing battle with a few tweaks in the lower half of my body for a while now. My plan for Saturday is to run like the hunted, have fun and see what happens out there. My legs can’t stop bouncing as I sit at my desk, the energy is flowing fast and silently.

On a side note, here’s a pic I took out at Brighton Beach yesterday while I sat on a swing.

Get into it!

I took the day off of work yesterday to put in a dose of hearty miles with my great friend and running partner in crime, Marcus. He’s training for another 50-miler and I’m training for another 50k, both races taking place in mid-May. I always get so excited for the first major long run of a training season. There’s something funny knowing that you’re about to run a ridiculous amount of miles through the woods, but at the same time you’re completely at peace with it. I actually crave it now and can’t think of anything I’d rather be doing at that moment. When it comes down to it, it’s just another day in the woods doing what you love and the miles just seem to disappear beneath your feet. Before you know it, you’ve already ran 20 miles and seven more doesn’t seem all that bad.

During the run, I was reminded of a quote I had recently read that goes like this: If you can’t get out of it, you might as well get into it. This quote holds true for a long trail run, especially one on the Superior Hiking Trail with not many access points. You have to get into it, otherwise you’re going to have a really hard time. There’s no other way out. I believe you have to love it. Whatever your reason for loving it is, you have to love it. And that’s all I have to say about that.

This quote holds true for exploring the Grand Canyon as well.

In other news, I feel like I’ve officially stepped into the realm of a bonafide trail runner. I lost my first toenail recently and couldn’t be happier, in a weird way. It’s like a rite of passage. I feel like I’ve finally earned my stripes.

One of these things is not like the others.