Paper Sculptures

This has to be the coolest art piece that I’ve seen in a while. When I first saw Li Hongbo’s moveable paper sculptures online earlier this year, I thought it was totally altered by computers or something. It just seemed too fluid and bizarre looking to be, well, paper. Here’s a video of his sculptures shot in super slow-mo. Sit back and prepared to be amazed and mesmerized by stacks of paper!

The Sketchbook Project

This is a very intriguing idea. I like the concept that thousands of ideas are coming together in one spot from around the world for the public to view. Basically, the idea is, anyone can sign up, pay $25 and in return you will receive a sketchbook. You can pick your own theme, there are some fun options to choose from like I’m a scavenger, Dirigibles and Submersibles, Help! and Things that changed other things. Or, you can leave it to chance and have a theme assigned to you. Once you fill up the sketchbook, send it back and it will tour for a bit, eventually it will end up in a permanent collection at the Brooklyn Art Library. Below are some images from past sketchbooks. Sweet! Find out more about The Sketchbook Project here.