The Disability Mural Project

A handful of weeks ago we (fellow co-workers and I at HTK) were asked to participate in the Disability Mural Project. The Disability Mural Project is a community artwork project with the intent to recognize the important contributions of people with disabilities, to raise awareness of the need for universal design in our public spaces and homes and to promote inclusiveness for all. We were each given a one-foot square tile of wood and asked to paint, collage or draw on it. We were given some inspirational words to use, shown completed tiles and were left to our own devices to create a work of art over the next hour. These tiles were on display today at the DECC, along with about 300 or so other tiles. We stopped by this afternoon to check it out.

On the way back to the office we noticed these awesome clouds coming over the hill, so I snapped a shot out the window. I managed to take another out of my office window when we got back inside.

I really just wanted a pic of the Burger King and McDonald's signs co-existing side by side.