Kenspeckle Letterpress Studio Tour

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to visit and tour the letterpress studio of Rick Allen/Kenspeckle Letterpress. I’ve been thinking of getting into the world of letterpress more and more, and this was a nice glimpse into what I’ll (hopefully) eventually be getting wrapped up in. Rick was extremely inviting and very passionate about letterpress. I could have stayed for much longer just taking it all in and listening to him explain the details. Rows and rows of cases filled with type and leading made my heart leap! And, the presses—those big, cast iron beasts—silent as a laker drifting under the bridge. You’d think they would make some sort of noise, but they didn’t! How can a machine so heavy, upwards of 1500 lbs., be so quiet and smooth?!?! Swoon. So cool. It was very inspirational, to say the least. Take a peek …


Stitch Light by LampGustaf

This is a really cool idea! It reminds me of those learn to sew kits I had when I was little. You know, the little plastic grid with the string thing. Except this is WAY cooler! I like the idea of having your own custom created pendant light. Rumor has it, LampGustaf will eventually have embroidery templates and other sorts of inspiration that one can download. Sweet.

Lovely Lampshades

I love a good lampshade. Here are some really cool ones that I found recently. Talk about eye candy! These first two silk screened beauties by Dawn Bassett of LiT Shades can be found at Piano Nobile. I love anything with great typography. Those following the first two are also creations of LiT Shades. Dawn at LiT Shades combines new shades with vintage and second hand shop bases, thus creating fine looking lamps!

Here’s a different take on the lampshade. Designer Tord Boontje’s work just plain amazes me. He uses a variety of materials in the construction of his pieces like metal, paper, acetate, ribbon, cotton, silk, etc. Even when using metal, his pieces look completely wild and organic. Gotta love ’em.