Hey there!

I’m back again after being consumed by work for the last few weeks and a bout with stomach flu more recently. It feels so good to be back to almost normal. We take our health for granted so often. I cherish being healthy and being able to do the things I do. Being sick for the last three days helps to put things back into perspective. We have to take care of ourselves, we only get one body! I don’t fall sick very often, maybe twice a year max. This one was a doozie though and laid me out flat as a pancake! It probably needed to happen though, as now I’m feeling refreshed and ready to attack work once again. A couple of days on the couch can do wonders!

This past weekend I was down in Madison visiting good friends, drinking good beer and eating too much cheese. Is that possible, you ask? Why, yes it is. But it was all worth it. I managed to pick up some art while down there, too. I can’t wait to display this little baby somewhere.


A few things that I’m keeping in mind after being sick: drink more water, breathe more fresh air and it’s okay to ask for and accept help when you’re deliriously ill on the couch…people like to help. I’ve always had a hard time with that last one and not just when I’m sick. I can’t take care of myself all the time, even though I’d like to think I can. So, next time you’re sick, just suck it up, get over trying to be tough and have someone deliver you Gatorade and popsicles. (I finally broke down and had my cousin Dave bring me these.) You’ll feel much better and much sooner at that. Let’s go ride bikes!

Worst Run Ever

Well…maybe…now that I look back on yesterday’s run things could have been worse. But the run wasn’t ideal by any means. I was sorely under-dressed while the rain and sleet fell on me and soaked me to the bone. After three hours of running, I still wasn’t getting warm. It’s unusual, because historically I’m a very warm-blooded gal. It takes a lot to make me cold and stay cold. My left hamstring was also hurting quite a bit on every up. Overall, it was just one of those days where my motivation and heart were considerably lacking. And, although originally I wanted time alone in the woods, I found myself feeling strangely lonely, which doesn’t happen often either. I cut the run short after three sluggish hours, drove home and stood in the shower. 16 or so miles.

Despite the crappy weather over the past two days, the weekend was jam-packed with art goodness. Saturday morning found me in line for Record Store Day, where I managed to pick up a few albums that I was eying up.

American Buffalo is a compilation album of Minnesota artists including Duluth’s own Trampled By Turtles and Charlie Parr. Other artists featured are Dead Man Winter, 4onthefloor, The Blind Shake, Albert, Doomtree, Polica, Pert Near Sandstone and a few others. It’s really a great mix. The other two albums I got are The Tallest Man On Earth and Of Monsters and Men, both are incredibly good. Take a listen…

I also got to check out an Open House at Kenspeckle Letterpress where demos of the ever cool and aged printing process of letterpress were given, along with delicious pastries and mimosas! Afterwards, I made a stop at The Depot for the Duluth Art Institute’s latest exhibit that’s all about illustration. It’s super cool. Go now!

Letterpress Fun

Finding the calm after many storms today in my busy work schedule to show you a fun project I’ve been working on the past few weeks. I don’t normally post much of my own work on here, but this piece has me really pumped. This is a sample of a letterpress piece I designed for a local event. It’s being printed on 220 lb. pearl white paper over at Kenspeckle Letterpress in Duluth. That probably doesn’t mean much to those who don’t know jack about paper, but this stuff is dreamy (think drink coaster thick). I sent the design to Boxcar Press to get a photopolymer plate made for the actual printing process. I’m astounded at the amount of detail that can be picked up on these things. It’s so cool. I’m excited to see the finished product! That orange is so delightful. Yum.

Wood Type

This past weekend I purchased a brayer (roller) and some inks in an attempt to upgrade my wood type printing methods. It worked! I don’t have images to upload at this point, but hopefully soon! However, I’m still using my homemade get-up of cardboard, tape and my own two hands as my “press”. There is definitely a sense of satisfaction of using your own methods like this to create art. I’ve been researching some table top printing presses, it would be awesome to have one of those someday. A girl can dream, right? And, I’ve been looking for more wood type to add to my collection, that stuff gets pricey! Anyway, there is also a field trip in my near future to a letterpress studio in town and I am psyched! Stay tuned for that goodness 🙂