Pottery, Jewelry and Getting Back to Creating

Here are a few shots of some work that I never posted on here. I don’t know why I didn’t post them, probably just forgot! A couple of these items were in the Mad Women exhibit this past summer. Two of the jewelry pieces belong to my mom and the pottery has been hanging out comfortably on the shelves at home. With winter approaching, it’s time to get back to working with clay and spending time at home making jewelry while listening to records. This is the perfect time of year to refocus on creating. I bought a new sketch book the other night and I look forward to filling it with new designs for pottery and jewelry.

Oh fer cute!

I think I may need to get my hands on some items made by DIVINEsweetness! What is it about teeny tiny food things that I find irresistible? I have no idea, but these are so fun! I especially like the fruit slice earrings (oranges in particular) and the buttered toast ones are amazingly cute!