Be Daring

I feel like I post often of Lisa Congdon’s work. Today is no exception! Her work is so great. I saw this amazing quote and illustration today on her blog and it instantly grabbed my attention. It’s appears in a new journal that she designed and hand-lettered for Compendium, Inc. Get yours today!

Screen shot 2013-02-08 at 3.17.18 PM

Worst Run Ever

Well…maybe…now that I look back on yesterday’s run things could have been worse. But the run wasn’t ideal by any means. I was sorely under-dressed while the rain and sleet fell on me and soaked me to the bone. After three hours of running, I still wasn’t getting warm. It’s unusual, because historically I’m a very warm-blooded gal. It takes a lot to make me cold and stay cold. My left hamstring was also hurting quite a bit on every up. Overall, it was just one of those days where my motivation and heart were considerably lacking. And, although originally I wanted time alone in the woods, I found myself feeling strangely lonely, which doesn’t happen often either. I cut the run short after three sluggish hours, drove home and stood in the shower. 16 or so miles.

Despite the crappy weather over the past two days, the weekend was jam-packed with art goodness. Saturday morning found me in line for Record Store Day, where I managed to pick up a few albums that I was eying up.

American Buffalo is a compilation album of Minnesota artists including Duluth’s own Trampled By Turtles and Charlie Parr. Other artists featured are Dead Man Winter, 4onthefloor, The Blind Shake, Albert, Doomtree, Polica, Pert Near Sandstone and a few others. It’s really a great mix. The other two albums I got are The Tallest Man On Earth and Of Monsters and Men, both are incredibly good. Take a listen…

I also got to check out an Open House at Kenspeckle Letterpress where demos of the ever cool and aged printing process of letterpress were given, along with delicious pastries and mimosas! Afterwards, I made a stop at The Depot for the Duluth Art Institute’s latest exhibit that’s all about illustration. It’s super cool. Go now!

Hump Day!

‘Tis Wednesday my friends and the work week is half over! Here is some lovely art by artist Lisa Congdon, whose work I completely adore. She’s currently working on a project called 365 Days of Hand Lettering that you can follow on her blog. The framed piece with the colored paper and vintage doily is rocking my world! All images below are courtesy Lisa Congdon.


Owl Mania!

I found this Owl Lover 2011 customizable calendar via decor8 today and I love it! My grandma always had a love for owls and I think I got some of that from her, that and the fondness for the color orange. So, if you like owls, you will probably like this handy little calendar. You can download and print an already-made version, or you can choose your owl and month. Check out the blog, My Owl Barn, too—it’s great!

Images courtesy My Owl Barn