The weekend

This weekend I am traveling to the Twin Cities for some shopping, eating, drinking and lots of laughing with my mom and some cousins. I’m pumped! Here’s what’s on my list of places to go and see and possibly purchase:

The American Swedish Institute has an exhibit of 17 contemporary Swedish designers (they’re all women!) The exhibit spans a wide variety of design fields, such as glass, ceramics, textiles, architecture, furniture, industrial design, interior design, and graphic design. I can’t wait! Looks totally cool and I think my mom will like it too! How cool does this building look? Seriously.

Finnstyle is nearby I believe, so maybe we’ll go here, since we’re checking out contemporary Scandinavian design anyway. I’m in need of a new Marimekko tote. Mine has been reduced to rags over the winter. I have the large flower pattern one currently, but people always thinks it looks like a cowhide, so I might opt for the simple circular pattern instead.

The next place on the list is, of course, REI. My friend Kelly and I refer to it as “The Mothership.” I’ve got to watch myself when I go in this place. My dividend arrived in the snail mail today and here’s what I’ve had my eyes on for the last few months.

Title Nine just opened a store in Edina, so maybe we’ll make it here! I have the catalog all dog-eared up, so I’ll probably find a few things I like here too. I’m in the business for a new swimsuit and they have some really cute ones. Enjoy your weekend!

Birds of Paradise

On PBS last night and there was a show that talked about the mating rituals of all sorts of different animals. When they got to the Birds of Paradise, I couldn’t help but laugh! They look so comical and brightly colored! (I’m filing this post under fashion, because they look awesome!) These guys are just amazing when they are strutting their stuff! Check it out.

I want to ride my bicycle!

We’ve recently been caught in a little heat wave here in northern Minnesota and it’s totally getting me excited to ride my bike! Don’t get me wrong, I’m probably one of the largest snow lovers out there, but this sunny weather has me completely jazzed. Here are some fun vintage bicycling posters to get you excited, plus some must have Etsy bike buys. But, first, a little music to set the mood.

Time for bicycling must-haves:

Animals on bikes? Yes, please! Super cool shirts by dark cycle clothing.

Don’t forget your funky fabric pins by Laura Bucci for your coat or messenger bag or whatever you wanna stick it to.

Awesome letterpressed bicycling print by 1canoe2. Let’s go ride bikes!

And, last, but not least. These hilarious mittens for this inbetween bike season weather when you still have to cover your digits. These also come in “handy” when you get a bit of the road rage and you can’t flip the bird inside a mitten. Can’t wait to get a pair from glowbeet.

Design a Sock Contest

Sock it to Me is a Portland, OR based business that designs really cool and bright colored socks. I’ve really gotten into socks the last couple of years. In fact, I have on a pair of bright red, knee-highs with white diamond outlines as I type! Anywho, Sock it to Me is hosting a sock design contest. Entries are due by the end of this month (the 26th to be exact) and you can submit up to 5 designs. What will I win, you ask? How does $500 and getting your design produced on a pair of socks sound?! Awesome, I know. You can read more (rules and regulations) and download the template on their blog.

Good Luck sock designers! What will you use your winnings for? More socks?