Be Daring

I feel like I post often of Lisa Congdon’s work. Today is no exception! Her work is so great. I saw this amazing quote and illustration today on her blog and it instantly grabbed my attention. It’s appears in a new journal that she designed and hand-lettered for Compendium, Inc. Get yours today!

Screen shot 2013-02-08 at 3.17.18 PM

Get Squirrely!

Today I entered a coaster design contest for Surly Beer, a hands-down favorite brew of mine. I whipped this baby out in a matter of minutes. Who doesn’t love happy, beer drinking squirrels?! I mean, come on!! You can vote for my design via facebook starting next week I think.

In other news, I’m getting mighty squirrely for the race this Saturday. I’m buzzing with excitement and nervousness!

Letterpress Fun

Finding the calm after many storms today in my busy work schedule to show you a fun project I’ve been working on the past few weeks. I don’t normally post much of my own work on here, but this piece has me really pumped. This is a sample of a letterpress piece I designed for a local event. It’s being printed on 220 lb. pearl white paper over at Kenspeckle Letterpress in Duluth. That probably doesn’t mean much to those who don’t know jack about paper, but this stuff is dreamy (think drink coaster thick). I sent the design to Boxcar Press to get a photopolymer plate made for the actual printing process. I’m astounded at the amount of detail that can be picked up on these things. It’s so cool. I’m excited to see the finished product! That orange is so delightful. Yum.

Walker Art Center

Graphic Design: Now in Production is opening tomorrow at the Walker Art Center. This is one exhibit I don’t plan on missing. This is the first major graphic design exhibit in 15 years. I’m heading to the cities next weekend with my mom, maybe I can convince her to come with me while I nerd out about design. I once dragged her to the American Swedish Institute in Minneapolis and she loved it, we had some of the best cardamom bread there (we missed the Swedish Pancake feed by 10 minutes-bummer). I also had her come with me to Kiasma, the Helsinki Museum of Contemporary Art, she liked that too, even though it was a little far out. Don’t miss this exhibit!

photo via Quipsologies

Design Camp 2011

Things have been pretty busy on my end lately, sorry for the lack of posting the last couple of weeks. This past Friday-Sunday I found myself at AIGA Design Camp with four fellow coworkers. We stayed at this beautiful resort in Nisswa on the north end of Gull Lake. It was a beautiful weekend, sunny, low 60s and the trees were painted as bright as could be. My first workshop was an introduction into letterpress printing. We got to make our own calendars and learn more about the fine and timeless craft. I snapped this pic below of a sample letterpress piece that I thought was kinda clever.

We got in a good round of shuffleboard between workshops and speakers, drank some beer, sang some karaoke (I didn’t sing, I’m a horrible singer!) and hung out by the campfire on the beach ’til the wee hours of the morning. Saturday, found us all pretty beat, but we managed to stay awake for the speakers and workshops. The best speaker by far, for me, was Michael Osborne. He was so genuine, down to earth, funny and had a lot of poignant things to talk about. Plus, he opened his talk with a Garrison Keillor bit. That had me hooked right off the bat! Here’s some snap shots from the weekend.

Shuffleboard Mustaches

Having fun in an ice cream truck.

Taken at some point during the wee hours of Friday night.

Karaoke King

Mad Women

Check this out! I finally turned in my pieces yesterday. The show opens on Thursday, May 12. There will be wine and cheese, if that’s more incentive to you making an appearance. See you there!

Wedding invite season approacheth!

It’s that time of year when requests start to come trickling in for wedding invite designs. This year my good friend, Mandy, asked me to design her invites. We’ve been friends since before I knew her real name was Miranda. I remember sitting in study hall in high school, the teacher taking roll call and me yelling out (as she called Miranda’s name), “Your name is MIRANDA?!?!” I was completely taken by surprise. Regardless, we’ve been friends for a long, long time and have all the stories to prove it. She has some good ideas and it will be fun to see where our combined thoughts take us. She has a few things in mind, but for the most part, she is leaving most of the creativity to me. The creative wheels are turning!