Right Brainer

I saw this floating around the interwebs this morning and decided to share it here. I’m not saying that one side is better than the other, but the right brain sure does look playful and brilliantly messy. I definitely have my left brain moments and it’s funny that I started out studying biology in college and eventually switched to art. I love both so much, but you can’t deny your dominate hemisphere because that would just be wrong.

image via Fernando Bari

Something to think about

I found this interesting post on a blog I frequent. What are your thoughts on creativity?

Creativity seems to scare a lot of people. Probably because it can’t fill out a spread sheet or get you a job where you wear a suit everyday, things that a majority of the world considers “normal”. I can’t tell you how many people have told me I’m wasting my life because I am pursuing a creative degree. That’s an odd idea seeing as they all have jobs where they relentlessly seek profits at all cost and will die making lots of money and having run over countless people to get it. I plan to die having helped other people live a happier, more enjoyable life. So who’s wasting their life?

You should also check out this TED talk with Ken Robinson and how he thinks schools kill creativity.