Fannie Rose Candy Shop

Attention Duluthians! A new candy shop by the name of Fannie Rose is opening in Duluth. I was driving downtown Duluth this afternoon and saw a shiny new window where there once had been scaffolding the past couple of months! Doesn’t it look pretty?

Here’s where it’s at:

I wonder what kind of goodies they will have for sale? I also wonder when it opens? I’ll keep you posted when I find out the deets.

Uppercase Magazine!

The current issue of Uppercase entered the building today … and I AM PUMPED! This is my favorite creative magazine ever. Seriously. It is so incredible, I’m having a hard time finding just the right words to describe how much I love it. Anyway, I came across an article in Uppercase that is very timely with the start of this blog! They have an entire section dedicated to confections! Here’s an excerpt from an article I read. It’s called Sugar Coated, Colorful and Calorific Clothing by Becky Van Bussel.

Let’s explore: It probably goes without saying that the trend-setting members of the two-to-ten-year-old-crowd are highly partial to brilliantly coloured clothing. This same gang also seems to have an insatiable desire for candy … There mush be some sort of connection. Perhaps it is this: people dress to reflect their values. If this is so, it illuminates why older crowds rarely sport bright hues. Many adults care not for the superfluous calories and dental woes associated with candy. As a result, the fun and colour that sweets stand for are often tucked away into the corners of their minds. They instead value the safe, the ordinary and, well, the boring. Therefore, grown persons frequently drape themselves in blacks, navies, taupes, tans and charcoals.

I like candy.

Valentines and Cookie Decorating!

Here’s a glimpse into what today’s lunch break consisted of. Cookie decorating! It’s hard not to go overboard on the sprinkles. Don’t these look yummy?! I might have to go back to the kitchen later today to eat my cross-hatched creation … when I start coming down from my sugar-high. We also decorated Valentine cards, and of course, mine was covered in glitter and puffy, sparkly hearts. Special thanks to Joe Gunderson for such an awesome photo!

I can’t believe I ate the whole thing.

A friend and I went out for the Bridgeman’s La La Palooza tonight. We had been talking about it for a couple of weeks. For those of you unfamiliar with the La La, here’s the list of ingredients all piled into one gigantic goblet:

8 scoops of ice cream (all different flavs), 2 pineapple discs, one banana, some strawberries, caramel, nuts, whip cream, sprinkles (or jimmies if you so desire) and a few cherries.

So the deal is, if you eat a one pound burger, followed by the La La, you get a commemorative button, plus your photograph on the “Wall of Fame”. We just wanted the La La and successfully convinced our waiter into giving us each a button upon completion. My friend finished his in about 30 minutes and while I was still finishing mine, he thought about ordering a second La La Palooza!!! He asked our waiter what the record was for eating La La Paloozas and the waiter said “One!” as he eyed my friend strangely. So, he ordered a second La La and the waiter said, “That will put you on the Wall of Fame for sure!” Upon hearing this, we hi-fived across the table. Game on.

Pictures to follow. Stay tuned! I’ve never been so happy to pull on a pair of fleece pants as I have tonight.

Red Hot Red Hots!

Raise your hand if you LOVE Red Hots! I had some of these tasty little guys after lunch today. I love anything cinnamon flavored and these are really good! I ate some straight up, just how I like ’em and some of them I sprinkled on a sugar cookie. You could put Red Hots in or on a lot of different things, like pancakes, baked apples, apple cider, etc. What would you put your Red Hots on or in?