Yes, please!

Check out this unbelievable space in Switzerland! I want to go there now … especially because I have no AC in the apartment and I love mountains and skiing and did I mention that this place is INCREDIBLE!?!?! I want to jump on that big, pillowy bed too! Found via Arch Daily

The American Swedish Institute

My mom and I visited the ASI on Saturday for the 17 Swedish Designers exhibit. And, it was awesome! I highly recommend checking this place out … if you like Swedish history and really cool turn of the century buildings! Sadly, you can’t take any pics inside this place, so I only got a couple of the outside. The mansion was completed in 1908 and is covered with gargoyles! The inside features a gigantic ornately carved African mahogany fireplace, it’s like two-stories tall. The exhibit was pretty sweet too. There was a lot of great modern design pieces, like furniture, lighting, books, glass and ceramics (think Ikea, but way cooler). We finished our day properly at the ASI with some cardamom bread and lingonberry juice.