Reindeer Games

I’m not one for going out shopping on the day after Thanksgiving. Gigantic crowds of people tend to frighten and frustrate me. Or, in a worst-case scenario, I freak out with a bad case of the “Get me the f@%k outta here, I’m about to go ape shit crazy!” As extreme as this sounds, it’s all very internalized and only those who know me best can tell when I’m on the verge (I usually get really quiet and my eyes glaze over as I dream of making a mad dash for the nearest exit). I digress.

Have you seen the Black Friday tv spots for Target? I saw this one online and it completely cracked me up. It almost makes me want to go shopping on Friday. Almost.

Cardboard Record Player

I’ve recently been wanting to get my hands on a record player. Okay, I have only two records in my possession … but I want more. And, I want a record player to play them on. I came across this neat direct mail promo piece for GGRP, a sound design agency. The brains behind this piece is GREY Group of Canada. The packaging itself acts as the record player, needle included! Rumor has it, the sound quality is actually pretty good. Watch the video below to see how it works.

Eat a Chiquita!

I’m sure you’ve all seen the new campaign for Chiquita Banana at your local grocery store. If you haven’t, you’ll notice it now. I don’t typically eat bananas, but I love the new look. The stickers are so fun and imaginative. The web site is even more fun! You can create your own sticker and have a Banana Boogie Battle with a bad, mushy banana! As a designer, I’m always interested in the process of other designers. Here’s an inside look into how the campaign took shape and an interview with the designer, DJ Neff.