Running with the wind

Last night after work I got out for a glorious trail run. I had been cooped up most of the week with a strange head cold. It knocked me flat for most of the week. I tend to only get sick once a year and this was it. It zapped my energy like crazy and I felt trapped inside my own body. I knew I wanted to run and be outside all week, but my body had other plans. I attempted to run earlier on Tuesday and was forced to a walk—wheezing and coughing the whole way. Not typical for me, so I basically tried to quarantine myself.

I knew that I had to get out yesterday though, no matter what I was feeling like. I hadn’t run the woods near my house in nearly a month, back when there was still a decent amount of snow in the woods. As soon as I hit the powerlines and felt the soft earth beneath my feet, I took off feeling restored in near seconds. The smell of wet dirt in the spring is a welcoming scent, I drank it up in huge gulps and a huge smile spread across my face. I lit up with energy and raced up to greet the Superior Hiking Trail. The wind was magnificently lively and there were fresh signs of spring at every corner. Green shoots climbing out of the earth, pussy willow and puffy milkweed bursting from their winter shells, and the faint trickle of icy running water filled my senses. It all made me feel so alive! I followed the SHT to Haines Road and had to make a decision on where to run next. I made my way to the Piedmont Ski Trail, did a couple of loops there and headed back toward home via the SHT. It was like pulling teeth to decide to stop running and go inside. I could have stayed out all evening, but an hour and a half later I was home pulling off muddy shoes and feeling thankful for such a great outing.

It’s been a while since I’ve run on my own. Lately, it seems that I’m always going here or there to run with friends (which I love!), but I haven’t been taking the essential time to run alone. It’s a must need in my world some days, but not all days. Just a few sprinkled here and there. It’s during those times that I can reconnect with myself and the environment. Sometimes parts of me get lost in the shuffle of day to day life and its important for me to remain intact and balanced. All in all, it just helps me to be the best I can be on a daily basis and to live with intention.

A healthy 8 miles with the wind on all sides.

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