Full Moon Rising

The moon is coming into it’s full phase tomorrow, making the past few nights spectacular for night skiing and running, or any night activity for that matter. Monday was so bright that I turned my headlamp off part way through the ski. The trees cast piano key shadows across the trail as my skis played a beautiful melody beneath my feet. Even though I had waxed poorly, the skiing was still purely exhilarating. Just as it always is for me. I don’t think that feeling will ever get old and I’m thankful for that. There may be only a handful of halfway decent ski days left this season, so I hope to take advantage of those.

Last night, Joslynn and I ran in Hartley. Our usual Tuesday night run. We chatted about how it never gets old running there, how much we love winter running and how much we are going to miss it when the snow melts. Always something to look forward to next year though! We decided to mix up the run last night and we hit up the rock hill at the beginning and end of the run. The setting sun and rising moon proved to be perfect for taking photos. Until next time, Hartley!


Dashing through the pines.




Skirting the swamp.


Me and the moon. Old friends.

Neil Halstead – Full Moon Rising from Brushfire Records on Vimeo.

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