My Mellow Sunday

Yesterday was perfectly mellow. It was the epitome of this Calvin and Hobbes cartoon.


I slept in ’til 9, which is unheard of these days it seems, washed the dishes and eventually made my way outside for a nice easy 6 on the Piedmont mountain bike trails. After the run, I sat in my hammock and drank some lemonade and watched the city warm under the sun. I showered up and felt like reading a book I hadn’t been keeping up with, so I spread out a blanket in the front yard and laid around the rest of the day reading in the sun. It was magical! It’s been a long, long time since I did “nothing.” Summer moves so fast around here and I think we often feel like we have to take advantage of it all the time. We always have to be doing this and doing that. Get it all in before its gone. But sometimes, you just have to sit with it and soak it in. It’s okay to do nothing in summer…at least for a day.

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