A Dirty Weekend

“In the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt.” —Margaret Atwood

This past weekend was the epitome of this quote. It’s been raining on and off for the past two days, but that didn’t deter my friend Joslynn and I from going into the woods to run. We ended up switching the long run to Sunday and did a shorter run on Saturday between downpours. Saturday’s run was about 5.5 miles, doing a couple of loops in Bagley on the soft wood-chipped trail. Following the run, we hit up the farmers market and then out to brunch at Sara’s Table with a few other friends. It was a good day to sit inside, drink coffee and mimosas, and enjoy a great meal and good conversation.

The weather for yesterday’s run proved to be much better, but the trails were swampy as all get out from all of the rain. We started at the bottom of Lester and ran up the ski trails to Amity Creek Trail, and then up the SHT and back down. The total mileage was about 13 miles. Joslynn is fairly new to town and it’s been fun to show her a new trail every run we do. Duluth has such an expansive amount of trails and I’ve been enjoying the variety lately, too. It gets me out of my routine. On the way back down Lester during our run, we were just stomping through the puddles and laughing at the amount of mud on our legs. It was a great run!

After the run, I had to play kickball and I was a little stiff to say the least! I started to loosen up towards the end of the game and caught the game winning line-drive. The adrenaline that comes with that is pretty awesome and I was glad that I showed up to play. When I got home after kickball, the sun was starting to poke through the clouds, so I made an effort to plant the perennials that I had purchased at the farmers market on Saturday. I weeded the garden and got to work. I can’t even remember what plants I got, but I’m sure they’ll do their thing and look great. Plants are awesome like that. I also planted some basil, cilantro and mint over the weekend. I’m hoping to plant some other edibles in the coming weeks as well. I feel like I’ve been so busy that I haven’t had time to dedicate to this type of work, so it felt really good to garden last evening. It was very peaceful and I can see how people find a sense of calm while digging in the dirt.

My plantar fascitiis is acting up pretty bad after the weekend, but I’m hoping to rest up this week and run easy only on Wednesday. I’m saving myself for Ragnar this coming Friday-Saturday!

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