Springing Around

With the arrival of warmer temps, my activity schedule is shifting ever so slightly. As much as I love winter, as soon as it starts to rain I’m ready for the snow to walk out the door. Spring is my least favorite season, as it’s typically too warm to ski and too swampy to visit the trails. Last Saturday was my last day of cross-country skiing…so far. I hope to get out a few more times for some last hurrahs before the snow melts completely. On the other end, I’ve been ramping up the running side of things. I’m sticking mainly to roads at this point, as the trails are getting soft and we still have about 3-4 feet of snow base to contend with. Running is not easy in that stuff and it also seems to do a number on my foot/ankle. I’m building my base back slowly, with doing a short 4-mile loop from my front door ending it with a nice, long uphill. The foot has been feeling relatively good for most of my runs, so I take this as a good sign.

This past weekend I skied and ran with Amanda, my friend and fellow workout partner. She’s always game for adventure and we seem to consistently find ourselves heading out for longer fitness excursions. We rocked out an awesome ski at Boulder on Saturday and Sunday we rolled out some decent running miles up the scenic. That was the longest run that both of us had done in quite some time, somewhere in the 8-mile range. The sun was hot and it felt great to run free of hats, mittens and long pants. I’ve been trying to sprinkle in more pool time here and there as well. And, when it gets nice enough out, I plan on commuting via bike to work a few days a week. Cross-training is fun and I seem to really enjoy the variety that comes with that territory.

Here’s to more spring-like weather…until tomorrow when we’re getting another 8 inches of snow! I’m not putting away my skis just yet…

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