Morning. I love walking outside in the morning and feeling the cold smack me in the face. I breathe deep, let the cold sink into my lungs and thank the rising sun for this brilliantly crisp morning. The sun beams across the lake, through the trees and around the streetlight across the road, the world is oddly still at -20 below. Snow squeaks under each footstep as I make my way down the driveway, the car groans as I open the door and climb inside. Tiny bits of frost have linked arms and taken up residence on the windshield. I stop to admire how the light trickles through their crystallized web. Mother Nature is effortlessly beautiful—always. The key slides into the ignition and I crank it to fire up the car. The car moans and sputters and comes to life, whining all the while. I climb out of the car and make my way back inside. The front door squeals as I pull it shut behind me. It’s warm and quiet inside as I look out the front window and watch the red morning sun climb into the sky.


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