Embrace the cold

This morning I came across an article by local writer Sam Cook. In it he talks about making it through the winter months up here, for both humans and animals alike. How we defy the cold, layer up and how even in the dark, the getting is always good. It’s well worth the read, check it out here. Here’s an excerpt that really resonated with me.

“Out from behind walls, where the air is thin and pure, we breathe hard, embrace the cold, generate our own heat. It is almost essential, this escape from dens and getting out. Seeing far off again…Even in the dark, this getting away is good. Moonlight looks good on the snow.”

Last night I got out for an absolutely amazing ski on the Piedmont trails. It was so good I wanted to scream! The trail was freshly tracked by the groomer and it was fast and quiet. It was a night of effortless skiing lit by headlamp. It was a beautiful thing. These are the nights that stick with me in heat of summer. These are the nights that are essential to me.

Get while the getting’s good.


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