Just what the doctor ordered

Despite feeling under the weather the past few days, I really wanted to get out for a run longer than an hour this weekend. With a nagging foot injury and the busyness of life, I haven’t gotten out for more than a 2 hour run in way too long. I was craving it. I needed it. I was missing it. Amy and Kyle were game for an adventure and we planned to meet up Saturday morning for an open-ended, longer than an hour run. We took off from my place, wound our way through the Piedmont COGGs trails, scrambled up a few rocky outlooks and onto the SHT heading west. The morning was a little chilly and overcast, but perfect running conditions otherwise. I had a few of the hot/cold sickness chills during the run, but boy did it feel great to be out in the woods. I shoved the sick feelings out of the way and made room for stories with friends, fresh air and time for the mind to check out. I loved every minute of it. Just what doctor ordered. Sometimes I find it’s best to run the sickness out of yourself. We finished the run with about 8.5 miles under our shoes and endorphins racing.

Kyle and I got out again for another 5 yesterday in Lester. It was another perfect evening for a run, even though I wasn’t feeling 100%. I always feel better after a run though, that much is true. Maybe a sauna is in order tonight to kick this sickness in the butt.

Here’s a new tune that I like from the new Boy & Bear album for your Monday. A good song for a rainy day.

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