My house!


Here’s a street view of my new house! This was taken over a week ago and many of the leaves have fallen since then, but boy were they amazing while they lasted. The building on the right is the house and the building on the left is the studio. The studio is about half the size of the house, so that leaves me with a fair amount of creative area to go nuts in. I’m excited to one day turn it into a pottery/anything else fun that I want to do space. It features two bigger windows that face the lake and a vaulted ceiling. The house has one gigantic window (measuring in around 9 feet!) that also faces the lake. All in all, the duo is a perfect space for inspiration, creation and relaxation. This gem of a house—which I found on craigslist of all places—is more than anything I could have wished for. I am so, so grateful.

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