Fall running

This is the best time of year for running in Duluth by far! Nothing beats the cooler temps, the vivid colors and the lack of sunlight as you near the end of a run in the woods. I went out for an hour in Hartley last night with cousin Dave and two friends of his, Paul and Paul. Dave and I headed up the back of the train and had a lot of good laughs at each other as we twisted ankles here and there on roots hidden beneath the leaves. As we neared the 45 minute mark, the night started to creep in, which made for a great end to the run.

My new house is situated just a few steps from the trails in the Piedmont area of Duluth and I LOVE it! From there I can easily access the mountain bike trails, the SHT and the Piedmont ski trails (which are some of my favorite!) That leaves me with endless possibilities when it comes to trail running. I feel so damn lucky to live in such a great neighborhood and city! This place truly fits me to a “T”. Check out the vista from my front yard…not too shabby!


If you look closely enough, you can see a ship sitting out there. The boat nerd in me rejoices!


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