Every now and again I come across a musical group whose music resonates profoundly with things going on in my world. September roared into my life with the purchase of my first house, moving, huge work projects, freelance gigs, among other life-changing moments. To be honest, September beat me up. And now with it over, I’m hoping the rest of fall brings some tranquility in any form or fashion.

Typhoon’s latest album “White Lighter” is that album. I’m finding something in almost every song that fills me with all sorts of emotions lately. It’s perfectly everything musically to my ears and heart right now. It’s a mixture of peace, heartache, love, reality and hope all rolled into one damn fine album. And, I’m a sucker for multi-instrumental groups.

NPR noted this album back in August saying “The uplifting melodies and rhythms that sway and swing, mixed with lyrics about hopeless dreams and cold realities, works so well. It’s the kind of combination that has me singing words over and over — words that, if laid on paper, might not be ones I’d want stuck in my head. They’re dark, but in that darkness can be found a sincere appreciation for the gift of life.”

Here’s a couple of songs to devour.

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