Road Miles

On Saturday, I put on a good chunk of road miles. Ten to be exact, which isn’t bad considering I haven’t run more than two times a week in a long ass time. I haven’t run ten miles in one stint since October even. I was a bit nervous to test the foot out for that distance, but figured I could bounce out along the way if needed, as the lakewalk goes right past my place. I managed to make it the whole way, but my mind/body/spirit are definitely made for trails. I had a few achy moments with the foot toward the end, but as of right now it feels pretty good. My calves are a bit destroyed, but I think that happens to me almost anytime I run pavement. It was a confidence booster to say the least (even though I was running slow as molasses), but it makes me excited to run trails!

I also purchased some new trail shoes that I’m pumped to try out on my next outing. After doing some research, I decided on the Montrail Mountain Masochist. I’ll get a good chance to test them out while running and hiking the rooty trails of Hawaii in a week and a half! I’m headed for the Aloha state April 10 and returning the 22nd. Spring in Duluth always leaves me a bit gloomy, as my favorite season comes to a close and xc-skiing ends. The trails become quite soupy and we’re advised to stay off them until they dry up, which leaves me running the lakewalk more than I’d like to. So I’m hoping that by the time I return from Hawaii, some of the trails will dry up a bit.

That’s all folks!

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