Happy Snowday!

It’s snowing big fluffy flakes in Duluth right now! What a gorgeous city. I got out for a solo ski in Lester last night and to my amazement, I saw one person on the trail the entire time. I had the place to myself as the snow fell all around me. It was absolutely just what I needed. I haven’t been running much since October. I’m still battling a foot injury and it won’t go away. I haven’t been doing my exercises all that much though either…oops. Cross-country skiing has been my saving grace the past two months. My foot actually feels better when skiing, so I’ve been trying to get out as much as possible to stave off the insanity that surrounds an injury. I sure do miss running, but it’s winter and that means skiing trumps all other activities as long as there is skiable snow around. There will be plenty of time for running come spring, summer and fall. For now, it’s time to wax up the skinny skis!

The promise of snow and adventure prevails this weekend and I’m excited to spend the day tomorrow with my brother skiing up the shore. We’re planning to ski from Silver Bay to Tettegouche State Park. There is a connector trail that runs between the two and I’ve heard it is awesome. I’ve skied at both places separately before and I love them each, but I probably love Silver Bay’s trails a little bit more. They’re the perfect combination of single-track, secluded, roller-coaster goodness with the occasional wolf track(s). Enjoy the snow this weekend, people!

Here’s another cover that I came across today that is quite lovely.

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