Hey there!

I’m back again after being consumed by work for the last few weeks and a bout with stomach flu more recently. It feels so good to be back to almost normal. We take our health for granted so often. I cherish being healthy and being able to do the things I do. Being sick for the last three days helps to put things back into perspective. We have to take care of ourselves, we only get one body! I don’t fall sick very often, maybe twice a year max. This one was a doozie though and laid me out flat as a pancake! It probably needed to happen though, as now I’m feeling refreshed and ready to attack work once again. A couple of days on the couch can do wonders!

This past weekend I was down in Madison visiting good friends, drinking good beer and eating too much cheese. Is that possible, you ask? Why, yes it is. But it was all worth it. I managed to pick up some art while down there, too. I can’t wait to display this little baby somewhere.


A few things that I’m keeping in mind after being sick: drink more water, breathe more fresh air and it’s okay to ask for and accept help when you’re deliriously ill on the couch…people like to help. I’ve always had a hard time with that last one and not just when I’m sick. I can’t take care of myself all the time, even though I’d like to think I can. So, next time you’re sick, just suck it up, get over trying to be tough and have someone deliver you Gatorade and popsicles. (I finally broke down and had my cousin Dave bring me these.) You’ll feel much better and much sooner at that. Let’s go ride bikes!

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