Friday Recap

Friday turned out to be a gorgeous day in the woods, but I was kind of miserable between miles, oh say 3 through 18. I was super pumped to get out and run, but things just didn’t work out. The summer funk I had experienced time and time again this past summer came knocking once again. It’s so frustrating. The last 3 miles were better for some reason, but the ankle flared up early on and I felt like a hot mess out there. I fell twice, the second time ruining my future knee modeling career…again! It was all quite humbling and I felt like a complete sack of shit. I’m trying to shake off the dust from this run and figure out what the heck is going on with me. It feels bad enough that I’m contemplating not racing if things don’t perk up soon. (Which disheartens me that I’m feeling/thinking this way) On the plus side, I was joined last minute by Marcus and Leah, who were good company on the run and am thankful they were there to keep me going. Sorry for the pessimistic post. Friday’s total mileage: 21. I’m going to ride my bike tonight.

SHT: One Deb: Zero

Dirty hobbit feet

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