Weekend Adventures!

This weekend was full of fun and nerdy activities, just the way I like to roll. Saturday started off with the Banging in the Brush Trail Race with Ryan and some other fellow trail runners. Measuring in at 6.6 miles, this was my first short trail race. It was a doozie though and full of fun climbs, roller-coaster descents and sporadic mud pits. I finally got my chance to run at Korkki, where the race was held. It’s so fun to ski there and running proved to be equally as exhilarating. I wasn’t sure how fast to take out the run, so I just kinda did my thing and ran according to how I felt. I’d say I was running at maybe 85%, as I was still able to hold a conversation with the person running in front of me during the race and I finished feeling like I could keep on running. I wanted to be under 1 hour for the run and I managed to squeak in around 59 minutes and some change. I finished 4th out of the women and 2nd in my age group. Ryan finished 3rd in his age group and we both were awarded with a bag of cookies for our efforts! Knowing what the course is like for running, I’d like to give it another whirl next year and push myself a little harder. Other things that made this race extra awesome were the cool prizes, free brats and beer, and a community of great runners.

Additional highlights of the weekend included a rock/agate show in Two Harbors, a 16-mile mountain bike ride up to Hawk’s Ridge (we got to see 4 hawks released!) and back down, finding an agate that fits into my personal top 10 largest collection, and a little girl who got pissed at her Big Wheel and heaved it up over her head and slammed it back down on the concrete. That was probably the funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time.

Also, a shout-out to my cousin, Dave Hyopponen for taking first place in the inaugural Wheels Off Half Marathon! He rocked that sucker out in 1:16:39!

What a weekend!

That’s me in the teal, early on in the race. Photo via Eve Stein.

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