The Wonderful Weekend

The Lake Superior swims were perfect and much needed this hot, hot weekend in Duluth. This was one of the best, relaxing weekends I’ve had in a while. These are the days we remember in the cold, darkness of winter. It’s the simple things in life that bring the most joy these days. I don’t need much—beautiful morning trail runs with some of my favorite people, delicious homemade breakfast meals, warm beach sand, soaking in cool Lake Superior, laughter and agates…many, many agates! I found the second and third largest of my life yesterday…Minnesota gold.

Here’s a beautiful poem by Adrienne Cecile Rich that always reminds me of days/weekends like this one:

Summer was another country, where the birds
Woke us at dawn among the dripping leaves
And lent to all our fetes their sweet approval.
The touch of air on flesh was lighter, keener,
The senses flourished like a laden tree
Whose every gesture finishes in a flower.
In those unwardened provinces we dined
From wicker baskets by a green canal,
Staining our lips with peach and nectarine,
Slapping at golden wasps. And when we kissed,
Tasting that sunlit juice, the landscape folded
Into our clasp, and not a breath recalled
The long walk back to winter, leagues away.


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