Give Back

Here’s a newly released tune by Cat Power. Although this is a song about traveling the world, the chorus “…we’re sitting on a ruin…” strikes the heart hard to the recent flooding in Duluth and surrounding areas. But, Duluthians are an optimistic and community driven group of people and we’ll push and pull this city back together. There’s a lot of work to be done to repair roads, trails, houses and neighborhoods—so volunteer your time and give back to this city that gives us so much to be thankful for.

A couple of events this weekend need your support: CHUM’s Annual Rhubarb Festival is in need of rhubarb. Their stash of rhubarb got washed away. Please drop off any of your rhubarb at First Lutheran Church, 11th Ave. E. & London Road. And please pay a visit to the Park Point Art Fair. Both events help this community thrive.

If you want to help out with rebuilding trails and such:

From City of Duluth Parks & Rec:

Volunteers needed!
The storm of 2012 has left our parks and trail system in dire need of massive repair and care. Citizen volunteers are requested to aid in the efforts to restore and reverse the damage to Duluth’s trails and parks.

How citizens can get involved:

To sign up for the Parks and Trails 2012 Storm Volunteer E-List and to get updates on restoration and clean-up efforts or call 218-730-4334 or e-mail There will be a link on the city’s website soon and we will let you know when that is available.

Please leave the following information:
Special skills (chain saw certified? We need you the most!)
List any skills you have including strong back, have tools, etc.

Where do you live? What park/trail might you be able to assist with?

Call Cheryl at or 218-730-4334.

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