4.5 …

The countdown begins today for Saturday’s 50k race up at Lutsen. I feel myself getting ancy and jittery when I stop to think about it. My energy levels are surging as I haven’t run much lately and I hope that I’m prepared well enough for Saturday. This is a common doubt that I come across before each race, but I know I’ve put my time and distance in. I’ve done more long runs than usual this time around, but my running schedule has overall seemed more relaxed and laid back. I don’t think my highest total weekly distances racked up to more than 45 miles per week. Which is okay with me, as I feel like I’ve been doing battle with a few tweaks in the lower half of my body for a while now. My plan for Saturday is to run like the hunted, have fun and see what happens out there. My legs can’t stop bouncing as I sit at my desk, the energy is flowing fast and silently.

On a side note, here’s a pic I took out at Brighton Beach yesterday while I sat on a swing.

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